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Wholesale Linens Supply offers today’s linen buyers the products to satisfy your one-stop shopping needs. Bath Linens Towels Pic We supply a full line of bed sheets, top of bed, bath towels and mattresses. Hotels, resorts, health care and crew housing are just a few examples of the industries we serve.

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Bath Linens
We provide luxury bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths for the finest luxury resorts and spas. We also offer modestly priced bath towels for properties who need to meet budget concerns.

Bed Linens
Wholesale Linens Supply is your source for all your bedding needs. We supply a complete top of bed line including bed bases and mattresses.

Our experience with order submission, tracking and distribution of our products ensures your satisfaction. We offer easy access and convenient ordering by phone, email or fax.
Wholesale Linens
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