Terms and FAQs


How Many Do I Need to Buy of a Particular Item?

It varies by product. Usually, we sell products in “case pack.” Case pack is the number of items that are packaged in a box. The boxes are packed at the mill, and the number varies by product type.

If you need fewer than the number in a case, we can often accommodate you if we have a broken case.

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and recommend the best products for your use. Call us at 314-533-1000.


How to Order

It is important that we speak with you to determine the best products for your particular use and budget as well as a variety of shipping or freight options.

Call to order 314-533-1000

What is Case Pack?

Case pack is the number of items which are typically packed into a single box. Some common examples (with some exceptions):

2 dozen/case bed sheets

6 dozen/case pillow cases

4 or 5 dozen/case of bath towels

10 dozen/case hand towels

25/dozen/case washcloths

Occasionally, we will break a case of our more popular items/sizes so our customers can order an amount fewer than case pack. Call us at 314-533-1000 to find out if we have what you need in quantities less than a case.

Product Information

What are Seconds?

A textile product is a Second if they failed to meet rigorous standards during the inspection process.  Seconds do not have any holes, rips, or tears. It will not have any defect that will affect the performance or durability of the item. Rather, it will have cosmetic defect. Typically, this includes non-straight hems, a cut slightly out of shape, an item that is slightly out of size or weight tolerance, or has a small mark or discolored spot in an area not easily seen by the user.

Seconds are not returnable.

Terms and Conditions

Shipping and Freight

Shipping/Freight Charges – We negotiate with our freight carriers to assure we receive the best possible rates for our customers. We estimate and charge actual shipping charges and do not add any handling fees.

Delivery – We get it there! We will will do back flips to ship your products by the dates you request. In many cases we can get shipments out same day. The key to fast shipping is to call us at 314-533-1000

Payment Terms


We accept most credit cards, checks, check by fax and electronic funds transfer by wire and other electronic means. A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Our Return Policy

We work with all of our customers to make sure they order and receive the correct products for their particular needs. In the event we ship defective merchandise or if product is damaged in transport we will work with our customers, and at our discretion we will arrange for replacement or return of the defective/damaged products

All claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of the merchandise.

No returns on used or laundered merchandise.

No returns for custom ordered products or products described as irregular, seconds or any condition other than first quality.

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