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T180 Bed Sheets - White - Made in the USA

Cotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
3.5 Ounces per Square Yard
Additional sizes available
Made in the USA
This is a partial list of our sizes. Call us for a quote on your specific size.

Category 25 - Section 15
PillowcaseStandard 42x34T180White$21.07Per Dozen
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T180White$21.83Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T180White$27.24Per Dozen
Flat SheetDraw 54x72T180White$57.51Per Dozen
Flat SheetDraw 54x81T180White$64.71Per Dozen
Flat SheetDraw 54x90T180White$71.90Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T180White$83.24Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T180White$86.44Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x75x9T180White$81.34Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x9T180White$85.54Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x12T180White$91.91Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x9T180White$80.40Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x9T180White$83.54Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x88x9T180White$86.70Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x104T180White$98.49Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T180White$102.27Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x75x9T180White$93.11Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x9T180White$97.91Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T180White$102.81Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T180White$110.01Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T180White$115.23Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x9T180White$108.21Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T180White$113.61Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T180White$121.57Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T180White$138.31Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T180White$144.60Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x9T180White$127.57Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T180White$133.96Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T180White$143.33Per Dozen
Fitted SheetCAL King 72x84x12T180White$133.96Per Dozen

T180 Bed Sheets - White

T180 White Bed Sheets3.2 oz per Square Yard
Cotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish

Additional sizes available
Category 25 - Section 3
PillowcaseStandard 42x34T180White17.67Per Dozen
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T180White18.70Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T180White24.87Per Dozen
Flat SheetDraw 54x72T180White49.06Per Dozen
Flat SheetDraw 54x81T180White55.20Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T180White73.09Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T180White82.84Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x75x9T180White72.66Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x9T180White77.61Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x9T180White67.24Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x9T180White70.44Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x104T180White94.84Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T180White98.50Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x115T180White104.87Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x75x9T180White90.03Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x9T180White91.79Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T180White101.47Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T180White109.44Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x115T180White115.53Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x9T180White98.97Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T180White108.36Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T180White119.46Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T180White130.60Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T180White136.54Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x9T180White113.80Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T180White123.04Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T180White135.89Per Dozen

T180 Bed Sheets - Bone - Made in the USA

T180 Hospitality Sheets BoneCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
Additional sizes available
Made in the USA

Category 25 - Section 25
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T180Bone$23.50Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T180Bone$28.00Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T180Bone$29.33Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T180Bone$87.16Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T180Bone$90.51Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T180Bone$96.37Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x75x9T180Bone$85.17Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x9T180Bone$89.56Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x12T180Bone$96.24Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x9T180Bone$84.96Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x9T180Bone$88.30Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x104T180Bone$103.11Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T180Bone$107.07Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x115T180Bone$114.01Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x75x9T180Bone$97.49Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x9T180Bone$102.51Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T180Bone$107.64Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T180Bone$115.17Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T180Bone$120.64Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x115T180Bone$126.13Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x120T180Bone$131.61Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x9T180Bone$113.29Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T180Bone$118.96Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T180Bone$127.29Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T180Bone$144.20Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T180Bone$150.76Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x120T180Bone$157.31Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x9T180Bone$133.57Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T180Bone$140.24Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T180Bone$150.06Per Dozen
Fitted SheetCAL King 72x84x9T180Bone$133.58Per Dozen

T180 Bed Sheets - Colors - Made in the USA

T180 Hospitality Sheets ColorsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
Additional sizes available

3 Colors Available :
Light Blue, Rose and Seafoam Green
Made in the USA

Category 25 - Section 35
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T18022.52Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T18028.11Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T18083.51Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T18086.72Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T18092.34Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x9T18081.41Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x9T18087.21Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x75x9T18084.13Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x9T18085.81Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T180102.58Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x9T18098.22Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T180103.14Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T180116.01Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x9T180108.55Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T180114.08Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T180138.16Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x9T180128.11Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T180134.37Per Dozen

Value Priced T180 Bed Sheets - Dark Colors - Made in the USA

bed sheets - dark colorsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
Additional sizes available
Minimums apply
Available colors: Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Navy
Made in the USA

Category 25 - Section 30
PillowcaseStandard 42x34T18022.14Per Dozen
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T18023.57Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T18027.14Per Dozen
Draw SheetDraw Sheet 42x72T18054.79Per Dozen
Draw SheetDraw Sheet 54x72T18061.64Per Dozen
Draw SheetDraw Sheet 54x81T18067.80Per Dozen
Draw SheetDraw Sheet 54x90T18070.89Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T18086.11Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T18091.67Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T18094.44Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x9T18083.33Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x9T18087.50Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x104T180106.94Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T180111.11Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x115T180115.28Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x75x10T180106.94Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T180119.44Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x115T180123.61Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x10T180119.44Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T180141.67Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T180147.22Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x10T180141.67Per Dozen

T200 Bed Sheets - White - Made in the USA

T200 White SheetsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
3.5 Ounces per square yard
Made in the USA

Made in the USA
Category 25 - Section 45
PillowcaseStandard 42x34T200White$21.82Per Dozen
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T200White$22.64Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T200White$27.28Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T200White$29.02Per Dozen
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T200White Wheat Piping$26.92Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T200White$93.51Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T200White$97.10Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T200White$103.40Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x9T200White$90.65Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x12T200White$97.91Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x104T200White$105.59Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T200White$109.65Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x115T200White$116.76Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x120T200White$121.83Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x75x9T200White$97.46Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x9T200White$102.50Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T200White$107.20Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T200White$114.71Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T200White$120.18Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x115T200White$125.64Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x120T200White$131.10Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x9T200White$115.11Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T200White$116.93Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T200White$125.12Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T200White$144.78Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T200White$151.36Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x120T200White$157.94Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 118x120T200White$179.85Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x9T200White$135.66Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T200White$140.30Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T200White$150.12Per Dozen

T200 Bed Sheets - Bone - Made in the USA

bone sheetsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
Color - Bone
Made in the USA

Category 25 - Section 50
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T200Bone24.90Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T200Bone30.01Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T200Bone31.93Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x108T200Bone117.33Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 81x115T200Bone124.93Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T200Bone114.71Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T200Bone122.74Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x110T200Bone128.59Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 90x115T200Bone134.44Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T200Bone125.12Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T200Bone133.87Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x110T200Bone154.91Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T200Bone161.95Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T200Bone150.12Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T200Bone160.63Per Dozen

T250 Bed Sheets - White - Made in the USA

T250 White SheetsCotton Poly Blended
No Iron FinishMade in the USA

Category 25 - Section 60
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T250White30.87Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T250White37.18Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T250White39.64Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T250White146.64Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 39x80x12T250White120.24Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 84x115T250White176.04Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T250White148.56Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T250White163.38Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 92x115T250White189.27Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T250White160.68Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T250White176.74Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T250White202.24Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 118x120T250White235.03Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T250White185.34Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T250White203.87Per Dozen

T250 Bed Sheets - White Tone on Tone Stripe - Made in the USA

T250 Tone on Tone WhiteCotton Poly Blended
No Iron Finish
3/8" stripesMade in the USA

Category 25 - Section 65

PillowcaseStandard 42x36T250White Tone on Tone36.67Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T250White Tone on Tone38.23Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T250White Tone on Tone41.81Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 85x120T250White Tone on Tone193.68Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T250White Tone on Tone172.27Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 96x120T250White Tone on Tone208.08Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T250White Tone on Tone186.37Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x120T250White Tone on Tone214.74Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 118x120T250White Tone on Tone247.82Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T250White Tone on Tone213.74Per Dozen

T250 Bed Sheets - Bone Color - Made in the USA

T250 Bone Hospitality SheetsCotton Poly Blended
No Iron Finish
Color - Bone
Made in the USA

Category 25 - Section 70
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T250Bone36.45Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T250Bone46.81Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 84x115T250Bone207.83Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x12T250Bone175.37Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 92x115T250Bone223.47Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x12T250Bone189.71Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 108x115T250Bone238.79Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x12T250Bone218.83Per Dozen

T300 Bed Sheets - White - Made in the USA

White Luxury T300 Hotel SheetsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
Color - WhiteMade in the USA

Category 25 - Section 80
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T300White38.28Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T300White45.93Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T300White50.71Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 85x120T300White236.67Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T300White225.82Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 96x120T300White274.85Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T300White230.25Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 114x120T300White300.89Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T300White277.21Per Dozen

T310 Bed Sheets Tone-on-Tone - White

White Luxury T310 Tone-on-Tone Hotel SheetsCotton Poly Blended
Single Pick
No Iron Finish
3/8" Satiny Stripe
Color - WhiteMade in the USA

Category 25 - Section 90
PillowcaseStandard 42x36T310White Tone on Tone56.73Per Dozen
PillowcaseQueen 42x40T310White Tone on Tone68.00Per Dozen
PillowcaseKing 42x46T310White Tone on Tone72.71Per Dozen
Flat SheetFull 85x120T310White Tone on Tone342.52Per Dozen
Fitted SheetFull 54x80x15T310White Tone on Tone322.20Per Dozen
Flat SheetQueen 96x120T310White Tone on Tone385.24Per Dozen
Fitted SheetQueen 60x80x15T310White Tone on Tone361.46Per Dozen
Flat SheetKing 114x120T310White Tone on Tone438.12Per Dozen
Fitted SheetKing 78x80x15T310White Tone on Tone396.88Per Dozen

T130 Bed Sheets - White

T130 White Sheets Imports
  • Cotton Poly Blended - Single Pick
  • No Iron Finish
  • Color - White
*Draws sheets are slightly smaller than a standard 66x104 flat sheet
Category 28 - Section 580
PillowcaseStandard 42x34T130White13.01Per Dozen
Draw Sheet*Draw 54x72T130White37.26Per Dozen
Draw Sheet*Draw 54x90T130White44.18Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x80x7T130White51.98Per Dozen
Fitted SheetTwin 36x84x7T130White53.36Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x104T130White58.89Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x108T130White60.96Per Dozen
Flat SheetTwin 66x115T130White65.68Per Dozen

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